At Legendary Soccer Academy, we welcome everyone, regardless of what competitive league or team you play for. Here, it is all about the individual player’s journey to growth and success, so you only have to live up to your own standards. Get ready to have fun and begin your journey to Become Legendary. Join us today.


Monthly Memberships (once a week)

$240 — Gold Pass
$200 — Platinum Pass*

*Paid Annually

Summer Camps (see Camps page for details)

$395 — Two Sessions
$215 — Sessions 1 or 2
$175 — Team Session*

*Competitive Head Coach schedules the week, announces camp to team as optional (not mandatory). Minimum of 10 players must participate to keep session closed.


Individual Sessions

$60 — 1 Hour Session
$299 — 6 Pack^
$450 — 10 Pack^

^Paid up front

Group Sessions (1 hour)

$95 — 4-players
$150 — 10-players
$195 — 15-players

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