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Summer Camps have kicked off. Try our 1-Day Pass!


Unforgettable Summer Camps

This is our favorite summer activity. More than just training, our summer soccer camps are designed to be an unforgettable fun experiences that will help improve every camper’s individual skills! The camp includes a goal of reaching over 2,000 touches a day for a total of over 10,000 touches for the week. It is sure to be filled with challenging ball mastery skills, lots of 1v1s and 2v2s, plus legendary skills & other small sided games that will help sharpen every camper’s abilities. We dare you to find another competitive soccer camp this summer that also offers a fun swim in the middle of the day. We triple-dog dare you!

$215 — Session 3 (August 5-9; Concord) & Session 4 (August 12-14; Concord)
$40 — 1-Day Rate
$175 — Team Session*

*Competitive Head Coach schedules the week and promotes camp to team as optional (not mandatory). Minimum of 10 players must participate to keep session exclusive to team. Other non-roster campers may register upon the discretion of the coach. Every camp aims to have a maximum of 24 campers.



Individual & Group Training

Each player is trained in a way to help them build the legendary skills that result in brave, creative leaders who aim to make something great happen every time they play soccer. Whether you want your player to be trained for a day, a month or a full year, we’ve got exactly what you need.


Monthly Memberships (once a week)

$200 — Gold Pass
$180 — Platinum Pass*

*Paid Annually

Individual Sessions

$60 — 1 Hour Session
$299 — 6 Sessions
$450 — 10 Sessions

-Keeper Training included

Group Sessions (1 hour)

$95 — 4-players
$150 — 10-players
$195 — 15-players


“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

— Alexander the Great


Experienced, Innovative & Proven Training